• Merlin Francis

    Merlin Francis

    A passionate marketer, a storyteller, magician to little Arthur!

  • Stephen Owens

    Stephen Owens

    Chief Operating Officer of Intelematics Australia, responsible for the introduction of innovative GIS, ITS and Connected Mobility solutions into global markets

  • Stephanie


  • Gary Sharpe

    Gary Sharpe

    I build back-end systems for moving, munging and synchronizing data from one end of the enterprise to the other.

  • Ming Ma

    Ming Ma

    Ming Ma is a software developer at Intelematics Australia. With an academic background in data science, hands-on skills in data engineering with a focus on AWS

  • Ambily Menon

    Ambily Menon

    A space to ramble until I know what I want to mostly ramble about :)

  • John Cardoso

    John Cardoso

    Senior Product Manager specialised in data products. http://linkedin.com/in/johncardoso

  • Leo Tisljaric

    Leo Tisljaric

    Research fellow at Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Croatia. Working on the tensor based methods for the road traffic anomaly detection.

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